Historically the largest producer of military jet trainers in the world with more than 11,000 aircraftproduced totally and over 13,000,000 flight hours’ total log of the fleet. More than 6,700 own design jet training aircraftmanufactured equal to 70% of world production. We are proud on excellent maneuverability of aircraft made in Aero and their ability to operate in all climatic contidions. Aero Vodochody cooperates with major global aircraft manufacturers on commercial and military programs. Aero’s core business lies in manufacturing and assembly of complex aircraft assemblies with a high degree of product finalisation, including integration and testing of systems, full supply chain management and final inspection.

The fastest, easiest and most effective way pilots can access the essential support they need to get airborne. From online flight planning, support, flight board, concierge services to direct access to ever expanding aviation services marketplace. Liberating in its simplicity users connect via one easy-to-use digital portal. Manage flight plans from anywhere, with any device. Operate 24 hours a day, flying anywhere in the world – simply File & Go. RocketRoute has built its reputation in Flight Plan Filing and Management. RocketRoute is ahead of the rest for simplicity, completeness of features and operational experience over the past 7 years.

Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko contributed much to the development of aviation industry. This is the Company, which for over 68 years has been involved in design of engines to power aircraft and helicopters of various types, and also drivers and special equipment of industrial application.

The state enterprise "Chuguev aircraft repair plant" provides overhaul and modernization of aircraft L-39C, L39ZA, L-39ZO, its asseblies, aggregates and equipment, auxiliary power plants "SAPPHIRE-5", demilitarization, update on aircraft on L-39D and delivery to the customer (according to civil aviation requirements), manufacturing of ground service means, tool for repair and air engineering operation. As well as manufacture and re-equipment of unmanned air complexes, repair and modernization of aircrafts MiG-23 of all modifications, repair of units, aggregates and systems of MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29 aircraft.

MiGFlug is a Switzerland-based company specialized in fighter jet flights for tourists and a proud partner of the Baltic Bees Jet Team. MiGFlug is well known for its offer to experience supersonic and stratosphere flights in the MiG-29 Fulcrum aircraft.

De Motu Watches Ltd designs and manufactures g-meter watches and pilot instruments for the aviation industry. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki-Malmi Airport. De Motu made the world`s first g-meter watch, designed and crafted in classic aviation style in line with the look and feel of a cockpit instrument. Powered by a modified Swiss movement, this highflying pilot instrument can be relied upon by pilots to accurately keep time in the air and on the ground. The design is inspired by the main building of Helsinki-Malmi Airport.

Galizio Torresi shoes, a choice for quality, elegance and true craftsmanship. An ideal shoe made of the best leather and high quality materials for men. The shoes are traditionally handmade in Morrovalle, Italy with great attention and know how. The well-being of the foot has priority in development and production. The charm of the models is inspired by tradition and modernity, as well as the current fashion trends. The leather is one of the most important elements of the shoe: it is still processed by hand, making each piece of leather unique in its own way, and each pair one of a kind. The coloring of the Italian leather is based on a traditional method, which is only very rarely used, sice this craft takes a lot of time and work to complete.

"Sirds Aicinājums" which translates to "Call Of The Heart" is a non-profit organisation that provides financial and material help for those in need for it all over Latvia. Children from families with very low income as well as those without a family, elderly people and people with disabilities are primary objectives. This organisation is comparatively new, growing each day. Twice in a year there are special occasions for children with the aim to socialize them into different environment through organising excursions and attending entertaining and educating events. Also for the elderly people and people with disabilities there are programs which bring them all together for a great quality time in different events, paying a lot of attention to everyone`s own needs and providing the best care.

Pilot Logbook and Aircraft Management System for pilots and aircraft operators. FlyLog helps pilots and companies to manage their pilot and aircraft logbooks, daily operations, clients, crew, passengers, reservations, service inspections, licences and many others.