Dexter 28.08.2017 / 10:31
Great show in Radom! Respect! Thank you! Best regards!
Jarosław 28.08.2017 / 00:29
I don't know how you do this. I saw you again today and it was amazing, I can watch you again and again and I never have enough. Great show in Radom! I hope I can see one again.
Mariusz 27.08.2017 / 23:28
Great performance in Radom! Bravo!
Milena 27.08.2017 / 23:14
Hello from Poland! Thank you for the great show during the Air Show 2017. Radom is looking forward seeing you again as soon as possible! You are the best
Monika Lyzwinska 27.08.2017 / 20:57
Thank you for great show in Radom. Your show was amazing. We enjoyed it very much both days. Hope see you next time. All the best from your fans from Radom.
Sylwia 27.08.2017 / 20:13
It wan an amazing show in Radom, Poland and I'm glad that I was able to see it. You make me cry (with happiness!) with your abilities! Good job - keep doing it! <3
Mariusz 27.08.2017 / 17:52
Air Show 2017 in Radom. It was an amazing show. Great. Good luck.
Kasia 27.08.2017 / 17:25
Amazing show in Radom! You are totally incredible. In fact i don't know what to add, there are no words to describe your talent. I wish you all the best!
Karolina 27.08.2017 / 14:44
It was a breath taking performance during Radom Fashion Show 2017. I am impressed with your skills and talent. One of the best air spectacles I have ever seen!! Thank you. IT WAS A HUGE PLEASE!!
Michael 27.08.2017 / 14:41
Very nice show today in Radom. Good job.

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